The Goldilocks Method for Right-Sizing Your DITA-Based Content

One of the most valuable features of DITA is its engineered modularity, which enables the reuse of content in different combinations and contexts. This modularity and reuse are built upon the topic, which the DITA standard identifies as “the basic unit of authoring and reuse.” The DITA topic is also often the basic unit of online content delivery, although this is not a necessity. In fact, the conventional DITA topic is often not the best unit for delivering content online. In some content organizations, we may need to rethink our definition of what constitutes a topic and reconsider how we deliver our topic-based content. In this session, we’ll look at use cases that required some adjustments to how DITA topics were defined, authored, and/or delivered.

Meet the presenter

Toni Mantych has recently become Director of Information Experience at ServiceNow, where she leads a large and globally distributed information development group. Before joining ServiceNow, she was Director of Content Strategy and Architecture at ADP, where she spearheaded numerous process improvement programs and strategic initiatives, including the adoption of DITA, the development and deployment of increasingly intelligent content delivery systems, and the implementation of component-based source content management. She was also instrumental in introducing and advancing content strategy as a practice at multiple organizational levels. A passionate leader, educator, and mentor, Toni is very active in promoting and advancing the technical content industry beyond her “day job.” She has taught a variety of graduate courses in the Technical and Professional Writing program at Portland State University and speaks frequently on content strategy and customer experience topics at industry conferences, workshops, and webinars. In September 2017, she was recognized by her industry peers as a Top 200 Content Experience Strategist.

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