Toward a content array: Moving from workflow to three-dimensional thinking

Most of our content workflows are linear. They move from one stage to the next in a defined progression. When multiple related content organizations have their own unique workflows, we end up with siloed content. In this session, Sarah discusses some strategies for maximizing flexibility in the content lifecycle, avoiding content silos, and supporting enterprise content strategy requirements.

What can the audience expect to learn?

How do we manage a workflow with multiple authoring tools, multiple publishing tools, and multiple delivery platforms? Is that even possible? What does that look like?

Meet the presenter

Sarah O’Keefe—Chief Executive Officer, is the chocoholic founder of Scriptorium Publishing and a content strategy consultant.

Scriptorium offers content strategy services to help customers solve business problems and achieve strategic goals. Since founding the organization in 1997, Sarah has worked with numerous organizations to assess content issues, develop solutions, and implement new technologies that unlock content value. She is the coauthor of Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset.

An experienced public speaker, Sarah is in demand at conferences worldwide. Sarah is fluent in German, reads voraciously, and enjoys swimming, kayaking, and other water sports along with knitting and college basketball. She has strong aversions to raw tomatoes, eggplant, and checked baggage.

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