Content Fusion

Creating DITA content is a collaborative task and Oxygen Content Fusion enables everyone to participate. Join us to discover how you can enhance your current workflows by allowing collaboration into your DITA content creation process.

Meet the Chef

George Bina

George Bina
 is one of the founders of Syncro Soft, the company that develops oXygen XML Editor. He has more than 15 years experience in working with XML and related technologies including XML-related projects, oXygen XML Editor, and participation in open source projects.
His most notable open-source projects are oNVDL –an open source implementation of the NVDL standard, a project that is now merged into Jing and DITA-NG, the Relax NG-based implementation of DITA that was adopted as the reference schema for DITA in DITA 1.3.


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