Acquisitions and Agility: What’s DITA got to do with it?

Learn how modular, DITA-based content helped Polycom’s documentation team stay ahead of the game during significant company transitions to the Agile software development model and to a private company.

Following a transition to a private company and the implementation of a new corporate strategy,  Polycom’s software development teams were re-organized, processes changed, and Polycom’s product line went through a major overhaul. Polycom’s doc team was prepared.

  • Modular content helped the team re-organize documentation sets as features moved from one product to another.
    • Easily re-usable content helped the team cannibalize existing content for new product strategies.
    • Topic-based authoring was the answer to keeping up with the Agile development process.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation is designed to give some examples of the practicality of DITA. It will benefit the audience by giving use cases where DITA can increase a company’s ability to respond to change. When making the case to executives to convert to DITA, use cases like this are very helpful.

Meet the presenter

Tonia Sharp is the lead information architect at Polycom, a title she received after helping lead Polycom’s transition to DITA. Tonia has been a technical writer for more than 25 years. She started out writing end user documentation for construction software and evolved to handle more and more technical content. Tonia’s first official technical writing was a course on topic-based and online help taught by Joann Hackos.

With a degree in journalism, Tonia’s technical writing career has her hooked on helping people understand the technologies that move the modern world. Her role at Polycom has led her into taxonomy development, content re-use strategies, and being a team DITA evangelist/trainer. Since taxonomy and DITA are not yet household words, Tonia describes her job to others as being a “digital librarian”.


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