Emerson success story:   How we solved our multilingual content migration nightmare

When Emerson started their DITA journey, they relied on a Sharepoint-based DITA CCMS, their legacy translation processes and vendor. The culprit was the translated topics, which generated broken links, mismatching file IDs, whitespace errors, and missing DITA features to manage all these issues.

The Emerson content team then convinced Management to acquire XDocs to replace their SharePoint-based CCMS. Migrating the content was challenging, as there were thousands of topics in ten languages. The solution came from WhP, the new localization vendor, and the project went on, until it got caught up in the linguistic sign-off process. Once again, the solution was a team effort between Emerson and the localization partner.

The situation required thinking out-of-the-box and leveraging the power of DITA and that’s exactly what Emerson and its partners were able to do.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The audience will be able to compare Emerson’s experience with their own and identify the pitfalls to avoid when migrating multilingual content to a new CCMS. They will receive hands-on advice, from both Emerson and WhP, with real-life examples that will save them time and headaches when they face the same situation.

Meet the presenters

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Dominique is CEO of WhP since 2005. Before joining WhP, Dominique managed several multinational operations in Europe, the US, and South America. Based in his new Montreal office, Dominique strives to make localization rhyme with innovation. His passion for DITA has led him to position WhP as a specialist in DITA localization to help customers enhance multilingual DITA content generation. The company has designed advanced solutions that bridge the gap between DITA and localization processes, leveraging content reuse and collaborative linguistic review.

Dominique is an active member of the DITA community, both on and offline and a fervent long distance cyclist.

Diane Thomas 
has been a technical writer for 29 years. She started writing in SGML in the mid nineties, and made the transition to DITA in 2008. She’s worked at AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, and most recently consults for Emerson. She lives in Westminster Colorado with her husband.




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