From RTFM to RHRN: Product content research findings

As seasoned technical writers we all know what RTFM represents, and it may have been frustrating sometimes that people don’t consume the quality content that you put all your hard work into. But as today’s empowered customers seek more and more information online, the importance of detailed product documentation and user manuals has grown far beyond its traditional instructional after-sale and support role. Nowadays it is a critical enabler for sales, customer satisfaction and brand advocacy. People want information at their fingertips, 24/7: Right Here, Right Now (RHRN). Yet little research has been done to analyze exactly how customers access various types of collateral, to what extent they are leveraging the information, and how it is influencing their perception of a product or brand.

During this presentation SDL shares its findings from extensive research conducted among professionals in the US, Europe, and Japan to uncover today’s needs for information seekers, and compare these results to previous research from 2012 to discover changed behavior.

In addition we’ll cover the need for a convergence of Structured Content Management (CCMS) and Web Content Management (WCM) solutions to help companies better accommodate the identified needs of information seekers. This includes joining up online delivery technologies as a means to share content, contextual data, taxonomies and other metadata, and the need for Headless API-first delivery to ensure delivery to any touchpoint.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Companies will learn what drives today’s customers when it comes to researching products and finding in-depth product information as part of their customer journey. In addition attendees will learn how a convergence of structured and web content management technologies will help them fulfill the needs of today’s information seeker.

Meet the presenter

Arjen van den Akker works as a Product Marketing Director at SDL in the Content Management and Digital Experience space. He combines a passion for technology and communications with a background in computer engineering and marketing. Arjen has worked at a series of international B2B software vendors and has over 20 years of expertise in turning technology jargon into messaging and clear propositions that relate to business outcome.


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