Cooking up Some Tasty XMetaL Secrets

Are you getting everything that you can out of your authoring tool? It might not be your fault; sometimes helpful features are not quite so helpfully well-advertised or documented. In this session we’ll take a look at some lesser-known, non-obvious, or neglected features of XMetaL Author Enterprise. Some of them are helpful, others may be just a little bit whimsical. Find creative new ways to do repetitive tasks, change the look and feel, and generally improve your team’s authoring efficiency.

Meet the Chef

Chef Tom Magliery

Tom Magliery
has been fooling around with XMetaL for so long that the early days are lost in the foggy mists of time. He rues the sad fact that many users of software tools wander through their working days unaware of some of the nifty things that their apps can do with but a little coaxing. His newest passion is a campaign to target such “tool blasé”.



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