Solving the people puzzle

As organizations make the transition from a traditional desktop publishing environment to a structured, XML authoring environment, they often meet resistance from writers, editors, and graphic artists. How do you prepare these individuals for the changes? How do you get them to embrace new technologies, new tools, and new processes? How do you build a process of acceptance to move technical documentation into the 21st century?

What can the audience expect to learn?

Deb will share ideas and tips to help ease team member pain as you successfully transition to an XML authoring environment. Deb will also share things to avoid during the transition period.

Meet the presenter

Deb Bissantz recently joined Vasont Systems as an Applications Engineer. Before joining Vasont Systems , Deb worked with and authored DITA content for more than 12 years. As a writer and tools administrator, she helped several organizations migrate technical documentation to DITA and a Component Content Management System.

During that time, she participated as a voting member of the DITA Technical Committee. She co-authored the DITA 1.2 Feature Article: “Roles and Responsibilities of a DITA Adoption.”


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