Automate or die!

Arm started down the DITA path five years ago. During that time, Arm’s traditional businesses have embraced DITA. The only problem? Arm has started to acquire companies, and these companies are bringing with them different ways of working. In many cases non-DITA ways of working. Terms like, Microsoft Word, Markdown, RST, and LaTEX are now spoken by teams wanting to publish content. In addition, several groups have initiatives to automate some of the processes that involved Tech Comms.

I will talk about our internal initiatives and solutions for publishing content without growing the team (much). Our process automates some of the process, using DITA as the common ground that all publishing uses so we can validate all content.

This initiative has allowed Tech Comms to interact with engineering teams at a level previously unheard of inside Arm, it has also elevated Tech Comms outside the traditional business publishing model. We learned we had to automate, interact, or we would be left for dead.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This session offers insight into how Tech Comms needs to be more than just a place that writes documentation.

Meet the presenter

Formal electronics training courtesy of the US Marine Corps, with a degree in Technical Communication, Wayne has over 20 years in the Technical Communications field. He has worked for companies large and small. Currently working as Product Information Architect at ARM, based in Austin, Texas. He has previously worked as a technical author at Apple, ATI (now AMD), and LSI (now Intel). One of the co-leaders of the Central Texas DITA User Group, with over eight years of DITA authoring experience.


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