Keys in action

How fast can your Tech Pubs react to changes on the business front? Product Management, Marketing, Engineering & co. may come with tasks like: product and feature renaming, new products or components, changed product configuration or redesigned interface, new channel, new audience… You don’t want them to see the documentation as bottleneck in the way of product releases. So stay flexible, agile and scalable, by including keys and filters in your DITA information architecture. Don’t be afraid to Think Keys!

What can the audience expect to learn?

Let’s see keys and keyscopes in action, for some of the change use-cases you often face in an enterprise. We’ll see how keys, keymaps and filters spread through a documentation project, to make it move in sync with the business.

Meet the presenter

Magda Caloian (@thinkDITA) organises monthly DITA users meetups by Lake Constance, Germany and works as a Business Consultant and DITA Expert at FCT AG. Her work has a double focus: “I assist content writers and managers to discover and adopt the best author experience for their teams; at the same time, I remind writers that documentation has to be easy to find, easy to understand, easy to use.” Her over 15-year experience in technical communication as Information Architect, Consultant, and DITA Trainer, along with a BA in Management, an MSc in Project Management, and tekom certification in Technical Documentation, shaped an interesting mix of expertise in structured documentation, DITA, and information systems implementation.

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