Our rollercoaster ride to implementing a DITA CCMS for highly regulated products

Within the bioMérieux documentation team, we manage medical devices docs with strict requirements: cutting-edge PDF output, standardized content & version control, and translation in over three dozen languages.

In 2016 we finally boarded the DITA CCMS roller coaster car. We’re still on the early stages of our ride, but we’ve already overcome quite a few bumps: some we’d foreseen, some we’d underestimated, and some that we could not foresee.

We’ve gained expertise along the way and we’d like to share with you the lessons we learned.

What can the audience expect to learn?

During this session we’ll share our feedback on how to turn the rollercoaster ride into a smoother cruise.

Meet the presenters

A Content Strategist & Stylesheets Developer at bioMérieux, Yamina supports a documentation team of around 30 in creating and migrating Instructions for Use in a DITA CCMS.



Frederic Fontbonne is a Content Planner at bioMérieux. He is responsible for planning migration activities, managing CCMS configuration and supporting tech writers and translation coordinators in their use of the system.


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