How embedded data queries will hugely increase your DITA content reuse

In technical publications, a lot of information refers to highly volatile content – data items that are normally stored in some external file or database. Instead of copy-pasting such information into our DITA content or using fixed references to datasources, a more dynamic and author-friendly method is needed. This greatly increases the reusability of DITA content, by allowing it to pull specific data items into the content during publish time or even during view time (when interactive media is being used to view the published content).

This presentation shows various ways in which this can be achieved in DITA, with live examples of pulling content in from databases, XML files and websites. The code shown in the presentation will be available as a plug-in to the DITA Open Toolkit, so that everyone can start using it immediately after the conference.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The development includes working out the details for adding XQuery into the DITA content, as well as demos that show how data source connections can be kept alive even after publishing to HTML5. Even allowing authenticated users of the HTML5 to make corrections in the browser, which are passed back into the product database, can be demonstrated.

Meet the presenter

Jang studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy at 3 different universities in Netherlands and then embarked on a career in the high-tech computer domain. He presented to a wide variety of audiences at countless conferences and training centers around the globe. He always strives to clarify concepts rather than dazzling or boring his audience with lots of technical details. He presents about topics that he is passionate about.


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