Sculpting an Elephant: Refining a DITA Implementation

Someone once suggested that the best way to sculpt an elephant is to get a huge block of marble, then chip anything away that doesn’t look like an elephant. Several years into our implementation, we continue to chip away at the marble. Join this talk to learn about how INVIDI is getting closer to our finding elephant.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation examines what comes after implementation. In an effort to get started quickly and build in your small wins, sometimes you make decisions that need to be fine-tuned or even reversed as the implementation matures. This presentation benefits those who are considering DITA and those that are attempting to extend and refine their existing implementation.

Meet the presenter

Anne Grosvenor is the Director of Technical Communications at INVIDI Technologies where she leads a team of writers and trainers. With over a decade of techpubs experience in various verticals, information architecture, and DITA, Anne’s most recent focus is creating the structure and support for her team to flourish. Out of the office, when she’s not wrangling her two little boys or finishing some bit of reading, you’ll find her outside enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.


Pat is a closet techie enjoying Linked Data, Taxonomy and Python programming. He enjoys running, martial arts, and playing with his young son. Professionally, he used XML in textbook publishing and DITA for several years, specializing in XSLT transforms for PDF and HTML outputs. Born and raised in New Jersey, Patrick received his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and later attended the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business near Dublin, Ireland. He moved from New York to Denver several years ago to start and raise a family.

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