DITA Without Complexity – Collaborating with Everyone

How do you make good documentation great? You need expert technical input, thorough review, and quality editing. But you must also find a way for everyone to work together – and everyone has their favorite tools, applications, and methods. Often this leaves the writers poring over PDFs, emails, handwritten notes, and web interfaces to reconcile review and edit comments. It’s also hard for SMES who are asked to learn a doc tool, download PDFs, or hunt for new text, and frustrating for editors asked to review the same content repeatedly, because you can’t track changes accurately.

Come and see IXIASOFT’s light authoring tool and make it simple for your SMEs, easy for your editors, and effortless for your writers. Learn about our easy-to-use, web-based tool that removes barriers to collaboration with the team that makes the documentation great.

Meet the Chef

Sharon Figueira has been in the technical publications domain for over 20 years, as a director, line manager, project manager, and tech writer. Before joining IXIASOFT as a Pre-Sales Engineer in 2017, she participated in DITA/CCMS implementations at the global enterprise level, with industry leaders such as Ericsson and Kodak.



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