Augmented Reality at Jana

[WorkbenchAR] is an augmented reality mobile application which delivers contextual content, data and intelligence to technicians, engineers, and other front-line employees – exactly when and where they need it.

[WorkbenchAR] identifies components via mobile camera and immediately provides access to the precise documentation, procedures, checklists and technical 3D illustrations required to complete a specific task, eliminating the typical frustrations associated with accessing these assets.

  • Reduces time spent searching for the correct content.
  • Increases procedure standardization and ensures compliance.
  • Empowers new technicians to learn and contribute immediately.

Meet the Chef

Don Bridges has been involved in the technical information lifecycle for 20+ years. He’s worked with companies in multiple industries helping them adapt processes and technology to meet business challenges. He was involved in some of the earliest large-scale DITA conversion projects and implementing technology that introduced single-source delivery and authoring at a corporate level.



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