Managing shared glossaries and references to terms with DITA

Since version 1.2 DITA has had features for authoring and presenting sophisticated glossaries. This presentation provides an overview of DITA’s glossary markup, presents the key challenges in working with DITA-based glossaries, provides suggested best practices for managing and use glossary entries, and discusses some of the glossary processing options and challenges.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Glossary management seems to be a bit of a mystery to many DITA users and I’ve observed companies going very wrong. There are some non-obvious aspects of DITA’s glossary markup that are worth highlighting. This presentation will be useful to any DITA user currently using DITA for glossaries or thinking about doing it.

Meet the presenter

Eliot Kimber is a founding and continuing member of the DITA Technical Committee. Eliot is the founder and primary contributor to the open source DITA for Publishers project. He is author of the book DITA for Practitioners, Vol 1, Theory and Practice, from XML Press. Eliot has been doing structured markup in one form or another for a very long time. When not wrestling RNG into lesser forms of grammar he lives with his family in Austin, Texas, where he trains in the martial art Aikido, skateboards occasionally, and generally does his part to keep things weird.


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