The First Step: Implementing a CCMS is only the beginning of the journey

After implementing a CCMS, we began to see the benefits, but we quickly realized that our work was just beginning. In addition to more routine problems like training new staff and converting content, we found a whole set of new challenges, including:

  • No one-size-fits all solution. Different approaches work with diverse groups. Some existing processes needed (and still need to be) updated to reflect the new system.
  • Authors don’t always buy into the solution. You need to cajole, convince and herd them into working together in some cases.
  • Constant evolution. Even after you have the system—then what? Are your processes working together harmoniously? Are authors happy?

How do you account for changes in corporate policies or staffing. How do you go about reviewing policies?

We quickly learned that we had more work that needed to be done.

What can the audience expect to learn?

As we initially implemented our CCMS, we developed a feeling that once we finished, we’d be on easy street. That wasn’t the case. Even as we started developing documents from the system, we faced new challenges: out-of-date processes, unanticipated technical challenges and push-back from various sources. Being aware of these challenges can help you to develop more detailed plans for the post-implementation time. Some of these plans include: building a schedule to review processes and working with our authoring teams to make sure everyone is adapting to these changes, developing a strong working relationship with your vendor, and making sure people feel involved. This will help managers and implementation teams be better prepared to monitor how things are going post-implementation and continue benefiting from their CCMS.

Meet the presenter

Brian McCown
has more than 15 years of experience as a technical writer, developing help systems and user manuals. For the past 8 years, he has been involved in implementing a CCMS, and he’s still learning something new each day.


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