Making Interactive Documents a Reality

Using intelligent DITA content and automated delivery tools is it possible to deliver user and machine specific document views from a single source?  Yes, if you have the right mix of technology and process ingredients. The Oberon chefs have cooked up several solutions built on Titania Software that make an interactive document vision a reality for its clients.  See how easily an online portal can be set up to provide user-profiled content, then watch as machine data/readings further refine the user’s documentation views guiding them to the exact information needed based on the product’s state and user’s role.  Attend this test kitchen and experience the new reality of interactive documentation.

Meet the Chef

Joe Jenkins

Joe Jenkins
 has worked in enterprise software development and implementation for over 20 years. He has business consulting expertise in content management, automated publishing, and content delivery across industries. Joe manages Oberon’s daily business operations. He also develops multi-year implementation roadmaps, conducts requirements workshops, and architects enterprise solutions to enable content reuse, automated publishing, improved translation processes, and dynamic content delivery. Joe frequently speaks at industry conferences on the innovative use of structured content to drive enterprise value.

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