DITA for small teams: Lessons from the front lines

Small teams often think DITA is only useful or possible for large organizations with budgets to match. However, it’s the needs of a team, not its size, that should guide a DITA implementation. Misti and Shane will debunk the myth that DITA isn’t scalable with practical experience gained from implementing DITA on a budget with several small teams. This includes covering both tools and strategies that make a light-weight DITA implementation both easy and cost effective.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees will learn about the benefits (and pitfalls!) of adopting DITA as a small team, implementation strategies, and maybe a cautionary tale or two.

Meet the presenters

Misti Pinter
is a Technical Writing Manager at Oracle + Bronto. Misti is a long-term advocate for DITA and has introduced DITA-based documentation strategies at several companies. A traveler of the world, Misti brings an endless curiosity, user-centered design, and occasionally cookies to her work.


As manager of technical communications at Cengage Learning, Shane Taylor is helping his team embrace DITA, git, and agile practices while moving from book-based PDF user guides to topic-based help content. A technical writer since 2000 who started using DITA at IBM in 2005, Shane is an occasional contributor to the DITA Open Toolkit, a husband, dad, grandpa, half-marathon runner, and AT section hiker who volunteers each year with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Rocky Top trail crew.

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