Look around the door—leverage structured authoring to get ready for coming age of conversational UI’s

Technical communicators have long known the benefits of structured authoring . Now advent of AI and Conversational UI opens a new channel for communication and provides a tremendous opportunity to technical writers to increase the ROI derived from standards like DITA. SaaS is leading this charge where intent of the help is to solve the current need of the user. This presentation will try to build a bridge between structured content and CUI’s and throw light on key aspects that the authors need to keep in mind while writing the content.

What can the audience expect to learn?

There are many frameworks, tools , standards and buzzwords around AI making it tough to find a starting point for adapting your content. This presentation will look at the challenges for technical writers and try to simplify the principles of writing that can help the content be ready for this new communication channel.

Meet the presenter

As a Senior Solutions Consultant in  Adobe’s Technical Communication Business Unit, Bharat Prakash is responsible for designing, developing, and hosting technical, solution-oriented pre-sales demonstrations for key global customers. He has been associated with Technical Communication for over a decade as part of an engineering team and then as consultant for FrameMaker and Adobe’s DITA CCMS solution.


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