How DITA dragged the accounting industry into the 21st Century

The accounting industry, led by the Big 4 accounting firms, is probably one of, if not the biggest, consumer of DITA information worldwide. With over 500,000 active Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the United States alone, all have one thing in common: They use U.S. GAAP accounting standards, which are authored and maintained in DITA. How did this come about – and what can other standards-based organizations and the consumers of their information learn from the experience?

What can the audience expect to learn?

Audience members will learn about how a standard-setting organization worked with its customers to replace unstructured content with a new data standard using specialized DITA. The new standard drove innovation for the customers too, with at least two implementing new content management systems, creating their own DITA standard (largely based on the U.S. GAAP standard), and updating their own internal content.

Meet the presenter

David Prather is the founder of Prathco LLC, a data management consulting company that specializes in enterprise content management (ECM), component content management (CCM/DITA), metadata management (taxonomies), and web content management (WCM). David has over 15 years of experience analyzing, documenting, and managing data management projects. His business and technical knowledge spans multiple areas including print and electronic publishing, accounting and auditing standards, data conversion and migration, data governance, quality and controls, metadata and taxonomies, and content-related business process improvement.

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