DITA as a building block for delivering content in new ways

We are beginning to see the shift from basic questions (and presentations) about DITA fundamentals and implementations, to realizing the inherent potential of DITA and its role in innovative content delivery and experiences. New and maturing content delivery channels like voice search and chatbots work best with structured content. Similarly, DITA metadata can be leveraged to work with the emerging Industry 4.0 metadata standard iiRDS, and enhance search engine optimization by utilizing Schema.org. These developments are ushering in a new era for structured content and DITA specifically, and Keith Schengili-Roberts, IXIASOFT DITA Evangelist and Market Researcher, will take you on a tour of some of the new content delivery channels utilizing DITA.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Much of the new content delivery mechanisms that are becoming available—chatbots and voice search, for example—work best with topic-based structured content that can be fetched using descriptive metadata. Similarly iiRDS and Schema.org can also be used alongside DITA content. DITA is the best candidate for creating content that these new delivery mechanisms can utilize, and this presentation will make it clear to the audience that DITA is the common link between these technologies.

Meet the presenter

Keith is the DITA Evangelist and Market Researcher at IXIASOFT. Keith is also an award-winning lecturer on Information Architecture at the University of Toronto’s School for Continuing Education. He is also the company’s liaison with OASIS, Chair of the OASIS DITA Adoption Committee, and an active member on both the DITA Technical Committee and the Lightweight DITA sub-committee. Keith can often be found presenting at conferences, researching how DITA is being used and sharing those results with the DITA community. Keith’s popular industry blog DITAWriter.com has become a focal point on DITA resources and best practices. Connect with Keith on Twitter @KeithIXIASOFT.

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