Build today for tomorrow’s augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has the power to fundamentally transform the way we work and interact with each other and our surroundings. It is changing the industrial enterprise landscape by enabling developers, manufacturers, operators, technicians, and consumers to experience products and services in a completely new way.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will help demonstrate some of the leading use cases for augmented reality being implemented today, in a variety of enterprise environments. You will learn the value that a combined Augmented Reality and IoT (Internet of Things) strategy can provide and best practices for successfully implementing AR in your company.

Meet the presenter

Jeff Coon is PTC’s Solution Management Director, overseeing PTC’s illustration tools and helping to drive visual content for augmented reality. With 34 years of experience in field service, Jeff’s career began as an AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairman in the U.S. Army. After his time in the service, he worked as a technical illustration specialist at Boeing for five years until he joined ITEDO Software as a technical engineer in 2000 and today helps to define the Service and Parts Information Solution at PTC.

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