LwDITA + code = Use2: Refueling reuse from source code documentation

Your software developers document their code, but how do you reuse that information in your technical documentation with minimal effort? While there are documentation generators out there, they often publish to a single output format.

This presentation explains the process of converting code documentation into formats that work for your developers and in your DITA reuse and publishing pipeline. We will demonstrate how to automate the extraction of code documentation into Markdown that can then be reused as Lightweight DITA.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Improve reuse of content from your software development organization, learn more about Markdown and Lightweight DITA.

Meet the presenters

John Kadlecek is a Senior Technical Writer for Digital Aviation Learning and Development at Boeing. A DITA user since 2006 when he helped implement the standard at Sybase, he has also worked closely with customers helping them evaluate how best to be served by documentation, single sourcing, and content reuse. He has a strong focus on streamlining processes in gathering information and finding ways to decrease writing time and increase efficiencies in the creation of user documentation.



Scott Hudson is the Content Strategist for Digital Aviation Learning and Development at Boeing. He has extensive experience in designing and maintaining content models, mapping and migrating legacy data, implementing content management systems, driving content and editorial standards, and evaluating new information technologies. Visit his blog at: http://shudson310.blogspot.com



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