How to implement good agile practices in difficult environments

If your agile culture lacks awareness of user assistance (writers, trainers, and support), you aren’t alone. We often need to prove our value and teach agile teams to work with us. It’s a long process, but you can show business value and teach your agile teams how to get the benefits of working with you. Come hear our ongoing experience, how we are pushing ourselves into agile teams, and how we have proven our value.

What can the audience expect to learn?

If you aren’t yet fully incorporated into your agile team or if you are facing resistance to being part of the agile team, then you will get the most benefit from this session. You will learn the metrics that build momentum and you will learn what to ask for to meet the metrics.

Meet the presenter

Dan Mehaffey
has worked in knowledge management or user assistance for twenty years with all kinds of teams and all kinds of companies. He is currently a User Assistance Architect at SAP SuccessFactors.



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