Integrating 3rd Party Systems to Enhance the Technical Publication Process

Demands on technical publication teams to provide comprehensive machine specific documentation in shorter timeframes with source information stored on multiple systems presents a growing challenge. Authors need to access ERP and/or PLM systems to access additional information and be sure that the information on these systems is copied correctly and several weeks later when publication takes place that nothing has changed.

Bluestream deal with numerous manufacturing companies and have used XDocs’ open APIs to connect to ERP and PLM systems and ingest that information directly into the CCMS providing instant access to information from other manufacturing systems. Bluestream will be sharing knowledge and techniques developed during these projects, highlighting pitfalls and discussing the opportunities to extend this further. They will also be explaining how this approach can be used for the automatic creation of/and dynamic publishing of IPCs (Illustrated Parts Catalogues) and other manufacturing specific documents.

Meet the presenter

Driven by passion for technology and people Nenad Furtula is a seasoned manager with more than 15+ years of enterprise software product management, sales, marketing and business development experience. At present Nenad is a partner at Bluestream Database Software, where he manages all aspects of business development, sales and marketing. Over the last 13 years, Nenad has been actively involved in product and market development for XML database technology (xstream db), for XML reporting technology, and for the DITA-enabled XML Component Content Management System (CCMS) called XDocs.

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