Collaborating toward a superior customer experience

In many organizations, the responsibility for creating technical content is distributed among several groups. This decentralized approach can result in duplication of effort, inconsistent messaging and quality, information that is out of synch, and increased localization costs. The challenges often don’t end there: when “official” content creators don’t understand user needs or aren’t directed to produce the right content, “unofficial” content often arises to fill the gaps. Aligning the various content creators can seem like an impossible task, but the rewards can be substantial. Waters has embarked on an ambitious program to form a consortium of content creators with an end goal of providing superior customer experience.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how Waters identified its content creators and engaged them in an effort to align content along the customer journey and improve the customer experience. We’ll explain how we discovered the content produced by disparate groups, explored the needs that led to its creation, and identified content overlap, duplication of effort, and potential synergies.

Meet the presenters

Pat Burrows’ career spans the full arc of our industry in various roles from Technical Writer to Manager to Director and Consultant. Working in both high tech and the scientific industries, Pat has led multiple global teams in both content development and information architecture and has helped small companies and large corporations “think inside the box” about the creation and delivery of their content. Her expertise is in change management and leading shifts in mindset for structured authoring and digital experience, motivating teams to deliver future-state results, and shaping the intricate politics that can define the direction of information development.


Jonathan Young is a Content Strategist at Waters Corporation, where he has held various roles in the technical content field. For the past 25 years he’s helped companies in the scientific and technical industries create technical content, optimize processes, and implement technology to meet the business challenges of designing and deploying great content experiences.



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