Building the Next Generation Tech Docs Portal

Jim Edmunds, CEO and President at Ingeniux, has a lot of experience building web portals for technical documentation. In his 15+ years’ working in this space, he’s found that a successful “tech docs” portal – one that empowers users to find the information they need, scales as the organization grows or changes, engages the entire enterprise, and transforms the customer experience – requires four essential elements:

  • Multi-source input
  • Structured and intelligent content
  • Personalized, curated user experiences
  • Multi-channel deployment

In this presentation, Jim will dig into these essential elements to give attendees a complete understanding of what they are and how they work to deliver transformational customer experiences. He will then demonstrate what a next generation technical documentation portal looks like using real world examples and lessons learned.

Meet the presenter

Jim Edmunds is the Founder, CEO and President of Ingeniux Corporation, a leading provider of digital experience management software. Ingeniux software is used by organizations around the world to create and manage websites, portals, and enterprise knowledge. The company was founded in 2000 to create innovative tools for managing and delivering content for the emerging digital marketplace.

Jim possesses a unique background in technology, publishing, and entertainment. He has worked as an independent filmmaker, digital media producer, video game producer, and senior technology manager.  Prior to starting Ingeniux he held leadership positions at Electronic Arts and Microsoft MSNBC.

When not talking about content management, you may find Jim crafting a new wine varietal. Ask him about his CMS (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah) Meritage.

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