Transforming Technical Manuals with Digital Content and Dynamic Delivery

Schneider Electric is leading the way with integrated customer products and services.  To ensure success, the Schneider Digital corporate strategy focuses on four key areas – Mobility, Cloud, Security and Analytics.  The continuous improvement of technical documentation within this digital strategy is key to customer satisfaction.  Technical documents must be consistent, flexible, and easily accessed by Schneider customers.

This presentation will focus on how Schneider is transforming technical documentation by using existing CAD models to improve clarity and reduce translations, repurposing content for various regulatory markets and brand needs, increasing efficiencies in translation management, making content easily accessibility in various formats, and building in  continuous improvements across the technical documentation lifecycle.

What can the audience expect to learn?

  1. Attendees will see how document images can be used to replace text and reduce translation costs.
  2. Attendees will understand how Regulatory and Brand requirements are managed.
  3. Attendees will witness the value of an integrated technical documentation delivery process.
  4. Attendees will understand the value of HTML5 content analytics and customer feedback

Meet the presenters

Vi Kellersohn

Vi Kellersohn is the Chief Marketing Officer of Oberon Technologies. Vi leads the marketing efforts, manages strategic partnerships and supports key client projects. For over 20 years Vi has managed and executed all aspects of marketing for B2B technology organizations working in partnership with sales management to build awareness for value opportunities across the content lifecycle. Vi enjoys spending time with her extended family and golfing with her husband and two sons.



Kevin Habel

Kevin Habel is the Visualization Solution Architect with Schneider Electric.  The solutions Kevin manages are used to create and manage DITA / XML based production information and deliver it in print and HTML5 formats.  Schneider Electric teams in Technical Publications, Marketing, and Manufacturing use the solutions Kevin has architected to develop and share content that is then repurposed for customer needs.  Kevin has worked within Schneider Electric for 33 years. He enjoys preparing for and running half marathons and reading.

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