Following the Yellow Brick Road to Digital Oz

The team at Allscripts has been on the cutting edge for years. We’ve blazed trails with single sourcing content, implementing DITA on a large content set, moving to dynamic publishing, and now utilizing a modern digital experience platform – all while navigating the challenges of working within the shifting landscape of the healthcare industry. Join us as we talk about our journey and the challenges of migrating large amounts of content into a new content delivery platform, using a DITA CCMS to manage taxonomy, delivering focused content while complying with a strict entitlements policy, and integrating with federated search and our corporate web experience.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Even if you are far along the path of DITA and dynamic publishing, there are still steps you can take to advance the client experience and achieve business value from your documentation. Participants will attain deeper knowledge on how common business challenges, such as regulated industry, can be navigated and still implement an advanced digital experience. Participants can also look forward to insight into how to use a typical DITA toolset to develop taxonomy and implement tagging that can be integrated with a digital experience platform.

Meet the presenters

Colleen Hoetjes is an experienced technical publications Director with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Integration, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Requirements Analysis, and software documentation. She’s been with Allscripts Healthcare systems for 22 years and leads her team into the future of technical documentation.


Margot Miksis is a senior technical writer and has been with Allscripts for 7 years, where she has gained valuable experience with DITA and single-source authoring. She currently produces and maintains documentation for a suite of hospital budgeting and financial management software, as well as working as the product documentation portal administrator for the documentation team.




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