Business not Content: The Dispassionate Case for DITA in the Enterprise

As DITA adoption spreads from specialist tech comm groups to the enterprise, the arguments we make for DITA need to shift away from technical details (conrefs! reltables! specialization!!). The business justifications for DITA include compliance, improving time to market, supporting content variants, multichannel content delivery, and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Expertise in information architecture and DITA markup is critical for a successful DITA project, but that knowledge doesn’t always translate into an effective business discussion with executives.

This presentation discusses how to engage business stakeholders–executives, IT, and operations–in understanding how DITA brings value to the organization.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • What communication is effective with executives
  • Identifying business pain points
  • Discussing DITA without jargon

Meet the presenter

Sarah O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, founded Scriptorium Publishing to work at the intersection of content, technology, and publishing.

Today, she leads an organization known for expertise in solving business-critical content problems with a special focus on product and technical content. Sarah identifies and assesses new trends and their effects on the industry. Her analysis is widely followed on Scriptorium’s blog and in other publications. As an experienced public speaker, she is in demand at conferences worldwide. In 2016, MindTouch named her as an “unparalleled” content strategy influencer.

Sarah holds a BA from Duke University and is bilingual in English and German.

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