A Multi-tiered Approach to Measuring and Improving Content Quality

A logical place to start measuring content quality is with internal measurements – it’s relatively easy to gauge how well you follow your style guide and content creation processes, and simple measurements can lead to big improvements. But these measurements are only part of the content quality picture. Content accuracy and customer success are much better indicators of content quality, but they are more difficult to measure. In this session, learn how Waters improves customer experience by applying a multi-tiered approach to defining, measuring, and improving content quality.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Join us to learn how we designed and implemented a quality measurement process that helps us continuously improve the experience of our customers. We’ll cover:

  • Our definition of content quality and how we arrived at it
  • The simple scorecard approach we implemented to measure internal aspects of content quality, and how it improved our content and processes
  • The challenges we faced rolling out a content quality program
  • Our progression from simple internal quality measurements to the more valuable measurements of technical accuracy and customer success

Meet the presenter

Jonathan Young is a Content Strategist at Waters Corporation, where he has held various roles in the technical content field. For the past 25 years he’s helped companies in the scientific and technical industries create technical content, optimize processes, and implement technology to meet the business challenges of designing and deploying great content experiences.



Pat Burrows’ career spans the full arc of our industry in various roles from Technical Writer to Manager to Director and Consultant. Working in both high tech and the scientific industries, Pat has led multiple global teams in both content development and information architecture and has helped small companies and large corporations “think inside the box” about the creation and delivery of their content. Her expertise is in change management and leading shifts in mindset for structured authoring and digital experience, motivating teams to deliver future-state results, and shaping the intricate politics that can define the direction of information development.

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