Automating DITA Publication Testing for Agile Delivery

How do you efficiently check that your content meets your company’s legal regulations and DITA and style standards, while simultaneously checking that links work, referable content resolves, SEO elements are populated, and that you have all the correct metadata and ditaval settings? Learn how Teradata went from a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone publication quality check procedure to a simple and reliable “click-of-a button” quality test of our DITA content.

Not only did we decrease the time spent checking content by 75%, but also greatly expanded the list of errors we check for. With this improvement, we are much better equipped to meet the frequent releases of an Agile environment and downstream functions like localization are populated with more robust and accurate content.

The biggest benefit of all is that our team is now free to accelerate our creative and strategic work instead of doing tedious and repetitive work.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation looks at ways to leverage automation to improve quality tests, from an organizational perspective. It also provides an overview of the Open Source software and low-cost tools we used to build a test process that integrates with Ixiasoft CCMS.

Meet the presenter

Johanna Bryman, Director of Information Engineering at Teradata, has 15+ years of experience with technical writing and managing teams working in a DITA environment. Johanna currently directs a team of software writers and drives content innovation and transformation efforts.



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