Content People Management

A successful content management implementation combines the right content, defined workflows, and people. One of these factors is characterized by independent thinking and complex emotions, and modification is especially difficult.

Each group of people form a constituency with its own collective goals. The editorial team may be new to structured writing and reuse. Developers sometimes have difficulty with deadlines. IT staff wants to know why we can’t just repurpose some existing applications. Management wants quality work, done quickly, and for petty cash. Marketing is asking for nearly-impossible deliverables. Amid all of that, individual personalities may require extra patience and non-prescription analgesics.

This presentation will describe several scenarios and suggest approaches to bring the various constituencies into alignment to prevent project failure and to optimize the system.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation provides important insights for management, project managers, and other constituents involved in a new content management project. It will be of particular interest to those approaching the task for the first time. The scenarios will use caricature but will draw on my own and my colleagues’ real-world experiences.

Meet the presenter

Tom Comerford is senior consultant with Supratext, providing expertise in all aspects of the content lifecycle. He has worked with content technologies in various industry segments for three decades. His particular areas of interest are content quality and localization. He has worked with several clients on DITA implementations, including specializations.

Tom is co-secretary of the OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee.

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