Evolving your portal to meet the audience’s needs

What are the key considerations when selecting a content delivery solution to fit your business needs. One of the most important considerations is extensibility. How will it cope with your future requirements? How can you plan for an unknown future?

In this kitchen you will learn about how Congility address these issues with a platform that provides an open approach to implementation. It shows how a portal can evolve as your requirements change, including the need to address the differences in how content might be delivered to external and internal audiences. It will highlight how you can take ownership of the portal’s development with your own resources and provides examples from companies that have gone through an evolution in their content delivery. These examples include public facing portals, and internal solutions that focus on delivery to dedicated technical audiences.

Meet the presenter

Mark has worked with many customers implementing DITA-based content delivery solutions, and leading the technical requirements of Congiliy’s DITAweb solution. As well as DITAweb, Mark has also led the development of IdXML, a plugin for publishing DITA into Adobe InDesign. His experience and knowledge of DITA, and involvement in DITAweb since its inception has led to him becoming the CTO of Mekon’s Congility division.

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