Publishing DITA content with Adobe InDesign with IdXML

How do you efficiently publish your DITA content in Adobe InDesign whilst retaining the benefits of DITA and the layout flexibility your Adobe InDesign users require.

In this test kitchen you will learn how Congility addresses this challenge in a step-by-step demonstration which explores the features available. Different content types and layouts will be investigated and you will see how scripting can be used to automate repetitive tasks and achieve professional results.

Meet the presenter

Mark has worked with many customers implementing DITA-based content delivery solutions, and leading the technical requirements of Congiliy’s DITAweb solution. As well as DITAweb, Mark has also led the development of IdXML, a plugin for publishing DITA into Adobe InDesign. His experience and knowledge of DITA, and involvement in DITAweb since its inception has led to him becoming the CTO of Mekon’s Congility division.

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