Content as a Service: Content when and where you need it. Without the fuss.

You need content to go anywhere and everywhere — printed documents, website, mobile app, chat bots, customer support website, IoT devices, and beyond. But you don’t have the time to recreate that content for all those channels yourself. What it all comes down to is that you need content that works no matter what device they use, but you need it without all the heavy manual programming.

Content as a service is a paradigm which allows you to create your content once and deliver that content to any channel. In this session, we will look at the promises, challenges and opportunities in this space.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The presentation will offer the following benefits to the audience:
* Understand the concept of content as a service
* See how CaaS can help them realize their use cases with significantly less effort
* Understand the approach to implementing CaaS in their organizations

Meet the presenters

Tulika has a major in Physics, a masters in Computer Science and over 11 years of software industry experience. In her career, she has worked on various technologies like video streaming, Digital Rights Management, high-performance real time systems and distributed systems. In her 10 years at Adobe, she has worked on a lot of 1.0 product initiatives revolving around cutting edge technologies.

As Engineering Manager in Adobe’s Technical Communication Business Unit, she is responsible for Adobe’s new DITA CMS offering, “AEM Dox”.
Tulika is passionate about application of new age technologies like Machine Learning and AR/VR in Technical Content space and actively working in this field and has multiple patents in her name in VR space.


Divraj Singh, Senior Products Solution Consultant (XML Documentation for AEM)

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