X, Y, Z and Boomers Too! Managing the Changing Landscape in the Creation and Consumption of Technical Content

The rapid pace of technology combined with the changing ways we communicate contribute to the evolving landscape in technical communication. The generational shift in both technical content development and the expectations of how that content is delivered leaves many questions and only some answers on the table.

This panel session brings together multi-generational representatives from the technical content supply chain. Some of the topics we plan to explore include
• Aspirations and values – what technical content development professionals expect at every generation level
• Technology and innovation — what role does AI and AR play in the creation and consumption of content and how does it vary across demographics
• Automation and delivery — how can we streamline communications
• Leadership ambitions – will there be enough rising stars to carry the torch and how does the topic of work-life balance vary across generations

What can the audience expect to learn?

This dynamic presentation will present the voices and concerns from a number of perspectives in the tech docs content supply chain. Understanding best practices from those established in their careers as well as the views of those new to the industry, presents a full-spectrum of information about our industry.

Meet the presenter

Brian Trombley has over 35 years experience in helping clients implement content oriented processes and technologies for all aspects of publishing across a wide range of industry verticals. An early practitioner of structured content methodologies, Mr. Trombley was at the forefront of the SGML and XML revolutions and has helped clients successfully manage change and convert and leverage content for maximum business value.


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