Farewell to Style Errors Using Schematron and Vale

You’ve probably heard about Acrolinx and Schematron for evaluating content for style and grammar. These tools work well for structured content, but what about API documentation that is outside of your control? Can you still provide feedback to engineers and developers to ensure that they follow corporate writing guidelines?

This presentation will explain how to convert some of your Schematron and editorial style rules into a format that works on API documentation formats, such as Markdown.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Apply writing guidelines and editorial style to content that might be out of your control. With this technology, you can provide feedback to software developers that are writing API or other in-code documentation.

Meet the presenter

Scott Hudson is the Content Strategist for Digital Aviation Learning and Development at Boeing. He has extensive experience in designing and maintaining content models, mapping and migrating legacy data, implementing content management systems, driving content and editorial standards, and evaluating new information technologies. Visit his blog at: http://shudson310.blogspot.com

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