Collaborating Across the Globe

How do 30 writers operate as one team when dispersed across 6 global locations where some work on the same product and others on different products? It’s not easy, but it certainly can be done. In my talk, I will share some lessons and pitfalls I have learned in my experiences and tips for building a cohesive & collaborative team across multiple locations.

Some of the points that this talk will cover include: Critical role of personal relationships, and how to overcome challenges when building them remotely. Tips for disseminating information across a global team. Celebrating balance of both sameness and differences between team members and across locations. Building up leaders in the team. Creating a culture of high expectations, trust, and grace.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Collaborating without being physically in the same space is fast becoming the norm in our world today, whether across the globe or simply arrangements where team members who work from home. If writers and managers aren’t already operating in this type of work environment, chances are that they soon will be. This presentation will be equally valuable for both audiences, helping newcomers prepare for the endeavor, and encouraging those already doing it to look for opportunities to increase and improve collaboration across the team.

Meet the presenter

Alyda is a Technical Writing Manager at GE Digital. Over the past 5 years, she has experienced both managing and individually collaborating with members of a globally dispersed Technical Writing team.

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