Managing a Distributed Content Creation Cycle

SMEs, collaborators, and partners in your organization can provide a rich motherlode of content – it could be highly technical, address specialist subjects, or support special interest groups (such as Support). However, high volumes and rapid cycling of this content can overwhelm your tech communication team with editing and publishing requests, resulting in slow time-to-market, poor quality, and unstructured content (meaning your customers work harder as they “learn” each new version of a crowd sourced document type). Because of the scope and urgency of the cycle, sometimes that gold standard technical content slips through our fingers, rather than being reused and optimized, representing a huge loss for our users and technical documentation.

IXIASOFT can help you free your technical writers from the gatekeeping role, efficiently build in and apply standards if required, and increase the efficiency of the distributed content creation cycle for the content creators.

Content providers can input their content without having to know DITA, using templates with built-in reuse, and can go through edit and/or review cycles – or not – and publish content automatically.

Technical communicators can track the content through a loose or rigorous workflow, and can apply more or less quality assurance depending on the requirements of the content. For example, you can impose a review and approval step on the content, or it can bypass these steps and publish automatically to a channel. So the technical communicators are as involved as they need to be, and you remove bottlenecks so that content collaborators can generate content and publish it as fast as they need to.

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What can the audience expect to learn?

Explore tools and workflows to support the distributed content creation workflow, and manage the requirements and standards of different kinds of content in your organization.

Meet the presenter

Sharon Figueira has worked in the technical communication domain for about 20 years, primarily working for global tier one enterprise level companies. I played a leading role in two major migrations into DITA/CCMS, first at Kodak, and secondly at Ericsson. For the last two years, I have worked for IXIASOFT as a pre-sales consultant. I live on an organic farm on a tiny island in beautiful British Columbia.

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