Adapting Repair Procedures to Augmented Reality Experiences

Many companies are looking to repurpose their existing textual repair procedures into an augmented reality format. If they have the CAD data for the equipment, then a tool like PTC’s Creo Illustrate can be used to create input sequences that are based on the CAD data. But what about the textual aspects of the AR? There are transformations that can be done to the XML source for textual repair procedure steps to make them more reusable in AR format. This presentation considers both structural and style-related changes to improve reusability for augmented reality experiences.

What can the audience expect to learn?

In today’s global marketplace—where businesses are operating across borders and time zones—your customers demand that accurate, relevant product information be delivered in real-time. Learn how the creation and management of information has evolved and how adding intelligence to your content enables advanced usability with increased flexibility.

Meet the presenter

Patti Lutsky is a Product Management Director at PTC with responsibility for Arbortext products and Service Information Manager (SIM). Patti has worked on Arbortext for many years and has in-depth expertise on Arbortext’s integration with content management systems and on SIM’s translation management capability. Patti served on the W3C DOM Working Group and she holds a PhD in Computer Science and Computational Linguistics from Brandeis University.



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