Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: How IBM Cloud docs designed and delivered open, automated documentation

IBM Cloud authors docs in Markdown and continuously delivers updates. We’ll touch on our Markdown Generator, our ContentOps process for automated and continuous delivery, and how we’ve implemented a reuse model leveraging both.

Meet the presenters

Jenifer Schlotfeldt is a senior content strategist and the content experience architect for IBM Cloud. Jenifer leads a team of software engineers and content designers that own the IBM Cloud Content Experience. Not only is the team supporting continuous delivery of the IBM Cloud Docs and API Docs, but they also embrace DevOps and Design Thinking practices. She is also the co-author of DITA Best Practices: A Roadmap for Writing, Editing, and Architecting in DITA, published in 2011.



Sebastian Fuhrer is an advisory ContentOps and content developer at IBM Cloud. Sebastian loves science fiction, and finds the amazing people and projects at IBM Cloud allow him to live out his sci-fi fantasies, as he gets to continuously innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions. Recently he helped to open-source the [IBM Cloud Docs]( where anyone can contribute, and helped to design and deliver the hosting, authoring process and standards, publication, and DevOps build pipeline for a new library of [IBM Cloud API Docs](


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