Empowering Subject Matter Experts with Easy DITA Authoring

Topic based structured authoring has brought a wealth of capabilities to professional authors. Today, many organizations empower subject matter experts in elevated roles of creating and editing content. Encompassing users such as product managers, developers, research scientists, these experts will author and review content part-time thus applications must be easy to learn and use. Critical is the ability to easily collaborate with professional authors utilizing a single source content repository to manage frequent content update and release cycles.

SME requirements need to be balanced with timely, content creation and review with your organization’s complex content lifecycle management requirements. But where to start? This session provides insights of a comprehensive solution to manage content collaboration for a distributed organization while maintaining content in a single source repository.

Sara will demonstrate emerging trends to solve challenges with SME authoring and reviewing. She’ll discuss and show new innovations and its impact on technical publication teams and SMEs. Please bring your ideas and observations for working well with SMEs.

Meet the presenter

Saralinda Pawlowic enjoys her work as a Senior Solutions Architect at SDL where she engages with customers and prospects about component content management, automated publishing, and the utility of DITA. Sara is an expert in adoption of DITA authoring, working with users on defining use cases for authors, SMEs and reviewers.

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