How CCMS and Structured Intelligence Fuels a Chatbot

Chatbots are the next frontier in the evolution of content experience. They are even more so important for content authors because chatbots are only as good as the content that fuel those chatbots. Just as the content authors provide the fuel for chatbots, the CMS managing the content provides the required machinery to convert that fuel in real energy/power. As content industry is evolving to embrace the new age experiences such as chatbots, the engines powering that content also need to evolve – Authors and CCMS. In this presentation we will talk about the core engine requirements of a next-age CCMS which can enable cutting edge content experiences such as chatbots. And how authors can leverage these features to equip their content to be ready for these new age experiences.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will benefit content authors because we will talk about technologies that power latest chatbots and how content authors can best structure their content to make the content ready for the new age chatbots. The presentation will also benefit the Tech Pub Managers because we will delve into the kind of intelligence needed in a CCMS to empower the content for chatbots and conversational agents. We will talk about the features and extensions that form the foundation of a cutting edge CCMS which is suitable to tackle the challenges of new age requirements of content industry such as chatbots.

Meet the presenter

Tulika has a major in Physics, a masters in Computer Science and over 11 years of software industry experience. In her career, she has worked on various technologies like video streaming, Digital Rights Management, high-performance real time systems and distributed systems. In her 10 years at Adobe, she has worked on a lot of 1.0 product initiatives revolving around cutting edge technologies.
As Engineering Manager in Adobe’s Technical Communication Business Unit, she is responsible for Adobe’s new DITA CMS offering, “AEM Dox”.
Tulika is passionate about application of new age technologies like Machine Learning and AR/VR in Technical Content space and actively working in this field and has multiple patents in her name in VR space.


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