UX+UA, the Veracode Way: Benefits of Melding User Assistance and User Experience

Veracode, a leader in the domain of application security, has always grouped its user experience (UX) designers with its user assistance (UA) writers. The relationship has evolved over time, resulting in the creation of processes and procedures that not only provide high-quality content, but also ensure the terminology is consistent between the text in the UI and the text in the Help Center documentation.

The UA team is fundamental to terminology management best practices across the company, and its input is valued by UX designers who involve the writers at an early stage in reviewing wireframe designs and providing UI help content. On the flip side, working with the UX team saves the writers time, helps them better understand the products they will be documenting, and facilitates the identification and reuse of key content.

Janette explains how UX and UA work together from the ground up in an agile world, and detail all the benefits for both teams and for the Veracode content strategy as a whole.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Technical writers and content strategists typically do not work with their company’s UX team. This presentation will sow the seed of possibility for writers not currently working with UX designers and highlight the plethora of mutual benefits of such a working relationship. For writers already embedded in a UXUA union, Janette will provide ideas for new ways to tap into the relationship for additional growth and process enhancement.

Meet the presenter

Janette Lynch has 27 years experience as a technical writer and holds a Master of Science in Technical Communication. Most of Janette’s experience has been working with international companies based outside the US, and she has a passion for localization and Plain English. Her first experience with DITA was with IBM in Rome. Now based in New England, Janette is the contributing manager of the Veracode User Assistance team, which is focused on implementing the most effective documentation processes to take their basic DITA implementation to another level. While not at work in Boston, Janette is enjoying her home in Maine, improving her Italian, and sailing the ocean blue.


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