Case Study: Building an End-to-End Digital Publishing System in a Single Bound

In this session, learn how the Automation Anywhere Documentation Team adopted DITA and implemented an automated toolchain-driven digital experience in less than one business quarter. Follow their journey as they:
• Migrated content from various formats to DITA
• Quadrupled the team, learned DITA, adopted a new authoring tool and implemented new standards
• Built a taxonomy
• Built a documentation toolchain including version control and automated build servers
• Partnered with (experts) Zoomin Software to provide a fantastic user experience

What can the audience expect to learn?

Many organizations find the transition of moving to DITA intimidating, let alone anything related to build optimization and a dynamic publishing portal. This presentation will show that any organization can accomplish this feat, using the right approach. The results are worth the effort: an advanced customer experience providing immediate business value and process improvement that is limitless.

Meet the presenters

An experienced Documentation Tools Architect, Joe has been a driver for many XML-based documentation departments and tool initiatives. Dreaming up end-to-end toolchains, where writers are freed from the time warp of publishing headaches is where Joe likes to rock. He enjoys creating the foundation that enable sweet and speedy documentation strategies for companies such as Intelligent Software Solutions, ServiceNow, Oracle and now Automation Anywhere. A huge advocate for implementing open source solutions, Joe strives to provide documentation solutions for evolving business needs, thrives when dabbling in the DITA-OT, and continuously drives a positive customer experience.


Kathy likes to create order and find balance where there is none, and an organization that lacks content strategy, people, process, or tools is her muse. From her work at companies like SAP and ServiceNow, she’s developed an extensive bag of tricks to deliver content solutions that improve the user experience. Kathy puts those tools to good use in her current role as the Director of Product Documentation at Automation Anywhere, a role that has allowed her to build an amazing team to produce and support content for some of the most innovative software being developed today.


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