Navigating the Labyrinth

Content reuse and single-source publishing are often touted as two of the most significant reasons to adopt DITA. However, the more complex your organization and publishing requirements, the more difficult it can be to make use of these capabilities. At GE Digital, as a result of our large and multifaceted organization along with our disparate audiences with distinct documentation needs, single-sourcing our content has seemed almost impossible sometimes. In this presentation, I will discuss some of the issues we have encountered regarding warehouse-based content reuse and single-source publishing since migrating our content to DITA as well as some of the ways we have attempted to address these issues.

What can the audience expect to learn?

As a community interested in structured content and reuse capabilities, the audience can expect to learn about reuse and single-sourcing strategies through the lens of one organization’s challenges and solutions to those challenges.

Meet the presenter

Neal Buck is a technical writer at GE Digital where he is also a member of the Information Architecture team.




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