ContentOps: Successes and challenges for a small team

DocOps or ContentOps has become the norm in many high-tech firms, even for small teams. Not every company is in high-tech or has a content management system with an automated build pipeline. There are many free and low cost tools available that can enable team members to focus on higher value tasks. This presentation shows one possible pipeline, explains what worked, what mistakes were made, what the costs were, and asks you to dream a little dream.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Small teams in large companies or teams of any size in non-high-tech firms may not have the staff to build an automated documentation pipeline. Showing these groups what one two-person team did to eliminate “busy work” from day-to-day duties may inspire them to do the same.

Meet the presenter

Lief has spent most of his 20-year career working on small teams. A veteran of large and small technology and financial services companies, he is always looking to streamline or automate mundane tasks. He’s currently writing his thesis for a master’s degree in Content Strategy. In his free time he plays squash and tabletop board games.

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