Definition of the DITA Glossary

The DITA Glossary has continued to evolve and get better. But it’s not perfect, there are still things that need to happen to make it work. But that’s only part of the equation, the authoring experience also needs some tweaking. Wayne will show some way to enhance the authoring experience of dealing with the authoring experience, while Eliot will show what needs to happen with the Open Toolkit to get glossaries working the way people want. Code examples, and samples will be available so you can go back to work and easily integrate glossaries into your current work.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees will be able to take materials, go back home, and quickly enable working a working glossary.

Meet the presenters

Eliot Kimber is a founding and continuing member of the DITA Technical Committee. Eliot is the founder and primary contributor to the open source DITA for Publishers project. He is author of the book DITA for Practitioners, Vol 1, Theory and Practice, from XML Press. Eliot has been doing structured markup in one form or another for a very long time. When not wrestling RNG into lesser forms of grammar he lives with his family in Austin, Texas, where he trains in the martial art Aikido, skateboards occasionally, and generally does his part to keep things weird.




Formal electronics training courtesy of the US Marine Corps, with a degree in Technical Communication, Wayne has over 20 years in the Technical Communications field. He has worked for companies large and small. Currently working as Tools and Methodology Specialist at ARM, based in Austin, Texas. He has previously worked as a technical author at Apple, ATI (now part of AMD), and LSI (now part of Intel).

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