Git Safe

The Information Development Services team at Sony Interactive Entertainment transitioned to authoring DITA XML content using Oxygen XML Author; however, with no component content management system, we needed a way to store and version our DITA XML files. After careful analysis, we decided to use the Git distributed version control system to store and version our files. By using Git in combination with GitHub and the GitFlow branching model, we’re able to work on the same set of DITA XML source files independently and in parallel without fear of overwriting one another’s work. These tools also enable us to better manage, visualize, and govern how our content changes over time from inception to publication across releases.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Daniel focuses on how a small technical writing team was able to transition their DITA XML content and source files from no version control system to Git, and the challenges and lessons learned that came with this. Daniel will also discuss how the GitFlow branching methodology and GitHub’s Pull Request feature can be used to streamline the documentation release process and enable work to continue throughout all stages of this process.

Meet the presenter

Daniel Reifsnider is a Senior Technical Writer at Sony Interactive Entertainment focusing on internal documentation for a variety of internal tools and applications. Before joining Sony Interactive Entertainment, Daniel worked at an e-commerce company producing web-based, end-user documentation for a graphical, interactive online store management system. Daniel earned a master’s degree in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University where he focused on user-centered design, usability research, and technical writing. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys partaking in San Diego’s rich craft beer culture.

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